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What is Apache Druid?

What is Apache Druid?

A High Performance Real-Time Analytics Database

Druid Makes Analysing Large Amounts of Data Quick and Easy

Druid is an agile open source distributed data store that lets you collect all your metrics, logs, event streams and telemetry data in a single place in real time and perform fast aggregations to slice-and-dice your data on any scale. Thanks to Druid’s real-time analytics, you’ll gain up-to-the-second insights from your data and have the agility to identify issues and find solutions quickly.


Analytics Real Time Data Processing


With its combination architecture of timeseries databases, online analytical processing and search indexing systems, Druid really is a triple threat to all other ‘traditional’ data processing platforms. More importantly, the speed and flexibility of Druid won’t only save you hours of painstaking analysis, its multi-dimensional filtering capabilities will let you quickly drill down to find the answers you’re looking for.


Druid can be run on the public cloud (i.e. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud), OpenStack (private cloud) or your own physical servers. It’s also perfect for container-based deployments like Kubernetes. Those are just some of the reasons why high-profile multinational businesses like Netflix, eBay, Yahoo and Airbnb are currently trusting Druid to give them the results they need.

How Spicule Use Druid

At Spicule we've used Druid to build data processing platforms for some of the world's largest and most high-profile companies. Here are just some the ways we've used Druid to provide real-time data analysis across a broad spectrum of sectors:

  • Analyse Data

    Stream and analyse data in environments where uptime, performance and speed of delivery are all critical factors.

  • Fine-Tune Software

    Fine-tune product releases and audience engagement by collecting, measuring and tracking user test data.

  • Diagnose Problems

    Analyse netflows to diagnose issues, recognise trends, remove bottlenecks and improve network performance.

  • Visualise Metrics

    Perform instant analytics to visualise server and device metrics and enable more efficient workflows.

Just The Start

These examples only scratch the surface of Druid’s data analysis and processing capabilities. You’ll find more in-depth information in our Use Cases section.

Use Cases Visit druid.io

Real-World Examples

We know that implementing cutting-edge technology like Druid can seem quite abstract. That's why we're putting together specific use-cases for different sectors.

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