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Apache Druid Analytics Applications in the High-Speed World of FinTech

No matter what industry you’re in, insight is everything. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you can never afford to lose sight of the bigger picture. In fact, the more details the bigger picture can give you, the better placed you are to achieve success.

At Spicule, we have the knowledge and expertise to build, deploy and support state-of-the-art data processing platforms that are custom designed to give you the critical insights your business relies on. Here’s how the power of Druid is driving real-time stock insight in the high-pressure world of FinTech.  

The Challenge

FinTech (Financial Technology) has changed the face of the financial services industry. Whether it’s in investments, insurance, consumer finance, e-commerce or online banking (to name just a few), FinTech companies are depending on data science and predictive analytics – like Apache Druid - to reduce risk, uncover solutions, and help them make the very best financial decisions possible.

That kind of intense data-driven analysis is especially important in the world of hedge funds, where portfolios are typically so high risk they have to be monitored incredibly closely. For that reason, hedge fund managers, analysts and traders need to understand what’s happening in the financial markets on a second-by-second micro, macro, and nano level. They need a broader picture of their stocks and shares exposure at any given point in time, and they need to be able to quickly compare that picture against all the other historical stocks and shares information contained within their portfolio. If they don’t have the agility to identify and respond to lightning-fast changes in the markets, the result could be potentially disastrous. That’s why they must be able to see the patterns and trends that are developing, so they can create a strategy and take advantage of opportunities ahead of their competition.

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Our challenge was to design and build a platform that could a) stream and instantly analyse all incoming real-time market data, b) run a simultaneous historical analysis to detect if there was likely to be a drop or spike in the stocks and shares market, and c) ping out an alert when the hedge fund’s position reached a certain level. All of this had to happen quickly enough that the hedge fund’s metric was reduced to milliseconds.

Our Solution

Apache Druid’s three-fold analytics means it can stream, analyse and historically interrogate real-time data all in the same moment without bogging down the platform and affecting its performance. Its column-oriented storage, with each column optimised for a particular data type, allows it to perform any number of complex scans and aggregations without feeling the pressure.

Using Druid, we were able to build an application that immediately filters and queries the data, instantly compares it to previously received historical data to identify trends and anomalies, and automatically alerts the hedge fund team when the data reaches the point they should take the action to buy or sell. Because our client required an ultra-reliable alerting mechanism that could notify all the various members of the team, wherever they were based, all at the same time, we created a variety of different formats in which the alerts could be sent and received.

Druid’s excellent fault-tolerance also means that, in the event of server overload, no data will ever be lost, and service will always continue uninterrupted. In an environment where even a micro-second’s delay or fallout can signal the difference between success and failure, that’s a quality which has given our client peace of mind.

As a result, Druid provides our client with everything they were asking for, improved productivity and facilitated better performance. Druid’s ability to instantly drive down to the intricate details of the data, offering insights and observations on a scale that most other systems would find impossible, has been a major asset to the hedge fund team. Now they are able to dedicate more time to other aspects of their work, secure in the knowledge that the platform we’ve provided is monitoring market activity on a sub-second basis and will alert them at the exact moment a financial event is triggered which requires their attention – and, thanks to Druid’s historical analysis, they’ll instantly know the very best way to respond to that alert, with no risk and no guesswork.


Apache Druid

From satellites to genomics and everything in-between, Druid’s speed and flexibility makes it the perfect

Druid’s three-fold analytics makes it the perfect platform for any kind of intensive data streaming – whether you’re monitoring how a customer is using your app, determining the effectiveness of your current marketing campaign, or managing high-risk portfolios in the volatile world of stocks and shares.

Whatever your business requires, we’ll work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs and gives you a much bigger picture than ever before. 

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