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Apache Druid for Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Analytics

E-commerce is big business, but if visitors to your site can’t find what they’re looking for within nano-seconds of landing on your webpage they’ll quickly take their business somewhere else. It’s not just about delivering a seamless online customer experience, it’s about using your data so smartly that you give your visitors what they need before they even realise they needed it.  

At Spicule, we have the experience and expertise to build, implement and maintain state-of-the-art data processing platforms that will effortlessly capture, dissect and interpret all the complex digital marketing data your business relies upon. Here’s how we used Apache Druid to send more happy customers through the cyber checkouts!

The Challenge

If you’re an online retailer, you’ve got important metrics coming at you from every direction: from your own servers, your own logs, from web services like Google Analytics and Clicky, from social media and influencer marketing, from affiliate websites funnelling their visitors back to your domain… the list is endless. Plus, if you’re also a bricks-and-mortar business – like a supermarket – you’ll be flooded with additional invaluable data that tells you how your customers are shopping in the real world: what they’re buying, which aisles they’re heading to and in what order, how they’re using your handheld scanners and club cards, and whether your expensive TV and newspaper marketing is really shifting those special offer products off the shelves. That’s all invaluable data and, if you could pull it all together, you’d have a perfect 360-degree understanding of who your customer is, what they’re doing, what drove them to your website, and how to sell them more product.

The challenge is: how can you amalgamate all those core monitoring metrics and hundreds (or thousands) of different data sources so you can analyse them as a whole and really uncover what your data is telling you? For example, Google Analytics will let you track the people who come to your website but it won’t allow you to bring in other analytics engines and data sources so they can all report alongside each other. What if you also want to bring in disparate data like weather information so you can find out how the weather patterns affect traffic to your website? When your business relies on e-commerce you can’t afford to leave any avenue unexplored. 

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Our challenge was to design and build a platform that could a) pull together the massive amounts of real-time data streaming in from all the client’s different monitoring metrics and data sources b) analyse the data in real-time while automatically comparing it to historical trends c) generate the results in a clearly understandable format so that everybody who required the information (including the supermarket’s CEO, marketing team, product buyers and store managers) could see the results in a way that was specifically tailored for their use.

Our Solution

Apache Druid’s powerful three-fold analytics engine and infinite storage capacity can combine and investigate real-time data from any source without forcing the user to jump through hoops to make it happen. Where our client was concerned, that means hundreds of thousands of disparate metrics and data streams can be amalgamated and interrogated concurrently so the client can ask any question they want in the real-time environment and quickly receive the answers they’re looking for (often on a sub-second basis.) Whereas most other databases will experience a nose-dive in performance if they attempt to apply real-time analytics over 100 or 200 million records, Druid is able to ingest millions of records/sec, retain trillions of records, and produce sub-second query latencies with no decrease in its performance. That’s vital when your platform has millions of different data points arriving on a daily basis: ie. Who’s clicking on your online ads, what products are selling best in your physical stores, what are visitors to your website interacting with (or, if they don’t purchase anything, where did their interaction stop?), and what factors are currently taking place in the outside world that could be influencing your online activity.

We also created an easy-to-use custom interface incorporating a variety of dashboards, charts and graphs that are easily readable and can be downloaded in a range of different formats. After all, marketers and shareholders love a coloured pie chart!

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As a result, Druid has given our client more insight into their customer base than ever before. Our client has a greater understanding of what drives their customers online behaviours and has used the data received from the real world (i.e. how their customers shop in their physical stores) to reconfigure their e-commerce site and significantly increase online sales. Because Druid is storing, combining and analysing all the data they’ve been unable to completely tap into before, they’ve also refined their marketing and advertising strategies to reflect and exploit historical trends they were previously unaware of.


Apache Druid

Druid’s three-fold analytics makes it the perfect platform for digital marketing and e-commerce – whether you’re an advertising agency wanting to track global sales or an e-commerce retailer that wants to attract more customers to your online store. Thanks to Druid’s real-time analysis, you’ll be able to control your digital marketing and e-commerce strategies better than you’ve ever done before.

Whatever your business requires, we’ll work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs and helps you find the answers to your questions.

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