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Systems Design

At Spicule systems design is our bread and butter. Understanding how to build computer platforms for processing data, real time event streaming or something else. We can help.

We have helped customers process data from Mars Rovers, helped community charities in Los Angeles, crunched telemetry from the Voyager space probes and more. But this isn't all we can do.

We have decades of experience on data sytems both large and small. Design, build and maintenance, we can deliver it all, or provide mentorship and guidance to an existing team that need some extra experience getting their project over the goal line.

Profile: Voyager Maintenance

Working with the team original team, we worked to recreate systems that helped process the systems telemetry coming down from the spacecraft.

Replacing systems written in C with a new platform written in Go, Python and React, we aimed to create an environment that mimicked the original platform with as much accuracy as possible.

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Profile: A Community Hub Charity

Working for a charity in Los Angeles, we delivered an architecture review to help them mordernise their AWS based infrastructure deployment. Helping segregate applications and updating the Continuous Integration platform, we gave them a design that will help them with reduced infrastructure costs, improved uptime and less maintenance required by the Systems Administrators.

We don't have any set methods when it comes to designing systems. We believe in designing solutions around the problems and challenges faced by our customers.

We'll listen to the issues you're facing, then lean on our years of knowledge, our network and research and help deliver a solution that is right for you rather than a generic solution that helps but doesn't resolve the problems at hand.