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Real-Time Analytics

Giving Immediate Insight & Helping Maximise Opportunity with Online Analytical Processing or OLAP


Real-time analytics is the process of live-streaming and analysing your data as soon as it's input into the system. Real-time analytics is at the heart of the Apache Druid experience and enabled by using software like Saiku to provide a user-friendly way of generating reports.


Real-time analytics give you immediate insight into your business performance.

With real-time analytics and OLAP you can:

  • Search, Filter & Report

    Quickly find the results you’re looking for by generating real-time reports which are easy to understand, search or filter your data for specific results.

  • Get In-Depth Insight

    Gain immediate insight into your data by making use of a smart visualisation, analysis and real-time reporting dashboard like Saiku.

  • Find Problems Quickly

    Identify irregularities and predict and avoid potential problems - speed up your analysis and sport issues sooner.

  • Pursue Opportunities

    Seize opportunities as soon as they arise by observing trends and patterns in your data - maximise profits and productivity.

Get the Big Picture

Most importantly of all, Druid’s real-time analytics lets you combine your real-time data with your historical data to find out what the ‘big picture’ of your business really looks like. Once you’re armed with that level of comprehensive all-encompassing insight you can make faster, better decisions than ever before knowing your actions are based on the very best data analysis available.

“We know Spicule did all the heavy lifting on this project, and that the platform wouldn't have made it this far without them. Spicule are a talented group of developers and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.” David Ballard

What is 'real-time analytics?'

Use Cases

  • How can data streaming supercharge your business?

    When performance and uptime are critical, Spicule's real-time analytics solutions will give you the answers you need quicker than you ever thought possible.

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  • Track user activity to unlock more business potential

    Thanks to its extensive search and filter capabilities, Spicule's Anssr Data Platform can drill down quickly and easily on any set of user attributes.

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  • Use network flows to streamline your performance

    Using Anssr, you can collect the data from network flows and arbitrarily slice and dice it along any set of attributes you choose to give you immediate insight.

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  • Discover what your marketing data is really telling you

    Advertising campaigns are expensive so it’s critical to squeeze as much insightful information out of your incoming marketing data as possible.

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  • Stay on top of Application Performance Management

    Using Anssr, you can collect the data from network flows and arbitrarily slice and dice it along any set of attributes you choose, including core attributes like IP and port.

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  • Use real-time analytics for IoT and Device Metrics.

    Anssr can handle time-based queries, numerical aggregations and search queries astonishingly quickly, helping you optimise and improve performance.

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