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Pentaho Community Meetup

This years Pentaho Community meetup is in Antwerp and hosted by the lovely chaps at Know.bi. It’s been a few years since we last showed our faces, but this year Spicule is demoing Juju powered Big Data Analytics. Enabling users to spin up highly customised BI platforms without writing code is something that the BI developers should know about and throwing Pentaho products and tooling into the mix extends the Open Source offerings that Juju can bring to the party. We’ll be running through setting up a Bigtop Hadoop stack, hooking it up to Apache Drill for SQL connectivity over the underlying data store and then plugging in the Pentaho BI server, Saiku Analytics and Pentaho Data Integration for some userfriendly real time analysis of the data being captured all in about 20 minutes. We’re really looking forward to showing off the power of Juju with Pentaho tooling and hope to see you all there!


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