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JuJu Summit Roundup

So the summit is over… sad times. For those of you who didn’t show up in Pasadena you missed a blast. 3 days of intense Juju charming and chat. Having over 100 people show up and help participate in the charming ecosystem was amazing. As ever getting instant access to the brains of to the people who write the code makes the platform so much more appealing because you feel like you are part of something big. Day 1 we heard from Mark about Juju and the eco system, followed by a few more talks and the great breakout sessions. We finished the day with a couple of lightning talks and then went for a few beers in a bar across the street. Day 2 once we’d blown the cobwebs away with a lot of coffee we had more talks and break out. Day 3 was pretty much purely breakout. The event was talk light and collaboration heavy which is perfect. Everyone has their own agenda and may not be interested in the talks being held, so breaking out and sitting with the core developers to pick their brains and exchange ideas is great. There was mention that there wouldn’t be another charmer summit in a standalone setup, which personally I think would be a great shame. I appreciate that the summits may be hard to run, but what you get is 100 people all focussed on a single project. Co-locating with another event like DevOps Days or Fosdem is a good strategy and you get a lot more people driving by and getting exposure, but not many would go away and install Juju whereas a platform like the summit allows pretty much everyone to install the software and they are much more likely to use it now. All in all, great event, great people and already looking forward already to Ghent!


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