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JuJu Management Camp Day 3

So what happened on day 3? Of course for those not interested in Juju there was no day 3, but for those who stuck around, hopefully they had a very beneficial extra day, the consensus at the end was certainly good. The morning contained of a couple of talks followed by 8 lightning talks(which weren’t really lightning because Marco didn’t really dare cut people off, not because he’s a wimp, but mostly because the talks were really interesting). Then we had lunch and the mandatory photograph, followed by the long awaited breakout session. Thank god! As an app developer I’d been awaiting the breakout sessions where instead of consuming ideas and things we could/should do, I could ask questions, prod developers and everything else that comes with a breakout session. Kevin Monroe, Cory Johns, you are worth your weight in gold. The advice, hints, tips and help you offered both during the session in the afternoon but then offering to sit down in the evening and put more effort into helping me get the charm running. That shows an amazing dedication that these developers have, or the most amazing salary ever, but, I suspect it would be the former even if the later is also true. In the afternoon we spent time writing a Pentaho Data Integration charm, which allowed me to build a layered charm that depends on new interfaces, auto deploys etc. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I mean this stuff is really clever once you’ve wrapped your head around the logic. Marco Ceppi Explaining Juju From a personal perspective, I have to thank Marco, Antonio, Jorge, Kevin, Cory, Andrew, Samuel and probably a bunch of people who I’ve forgotten along with Mark Shuttleworth and Abi Birrel for both funding and organising the trip. Mark, if you want to call me to discuss BI usage and data ingress and egress, please do, you need some help! ;) But really guys, one of the best and most hospitable events I’ve been to and hopefully I can show non sys admins and “techies” how they should be deploying data platforms. What’s annoying is, if I had one take away from this conference, it is I would like write charms, right now. Plus get the open source business intelligence community actively involved in doing so. Sadly, I have a day job! I’m back in the UK now, but I’ve not gone home as a client of ours needs some advice on Big Data, Hadoop and Hive, these guys don’t use Juju, but it will 100% be something I’m recommending as I rock up in my Juju t-shirt tomorrow on site. Love it!


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