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Getting Started With DC/OS

New Year new projects and all that. Just a heads up to inform people that we’re working on a small getting started guide about DC/OS after some inspiration from a chap at O’Reilly who didn’t bother to return my email. Anyway, after all that we decided to write the book anyway and publish it on Leanpub as a “pay what you like” publication. It is also a rolling release and we’ll release early and release often, so it will evolve over time and once you’ve bought it you can download the newer versions whenever they are release. In the book we will be covering what exactly DC/OS is, ideas about planning your data center, deploying workloads to DC/OS and more. A preview will be available shortly and in the mean time feel free to register your interest on the form here to get notified when the book becomes available. Thanks for your support and happy 2017!


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