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Deploying DC/OS On Prem With JuJu

Today I’ve been at MesosCon in Amsterdam filling in the lovely Mesos folk on the work we’re doing to bring DC/OS to Juju. For those of you who haven’t heard of DC/OS, it is a data center operating system designed to make all your resource behave like a single unit of compute resource. It has great support for various cloud services, but we wanted a way to be able to deploy it in house on bare metal quickly and easily whilst leveraging our existing Juju tooling. So in todays talk I ran over what we’re done, how Juju and DC/OS interoperate with one another and also what’s on the roadmap for the not too distant future. For those of you interested, here are the slides. As ever, big thanks to the Linux Foundation, and Jillian Hall, especially for switching my talk day when I ended up double booked!


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