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ApacheCon EU 2016

Completing the last leg of Spicule’s Juju 2016 roadtrip, Tom Barber will be visiting ApacheCon EU to discuss deploying Apache Drill with Juju. For those of you who were at ApacheCon US for Mark Shuttleworth’s keynote, you will have seen Juju in action. Juju allows users to deploy large scale applications in various environments with relative ease and in this session we will look at spinning up Apache Drill and its dependencies along side Apache Big Top to do SQL based analysis of the the underlying data store(s). We believe in making life easy for users whilst enabling distribution of code under business friendly licenses as such Juju fits very nicely when deploying Apache based code into data centres or on your laptop. This will be our first visit to ApacheCon EU and are very much looking forward to meeting up with the members of the European Apache Community in Seville. Tom will also be presenting ETL Pipelines with OODT, Solr and stuff, which will be a look at some of the techniques we have employed at NASA JPL to enable ingestion and archiving of research data for further analysis by end users. For those of you who don’t know of Apache OODT it is a data management platform originally designed by NASA and then handed over to the ASF a few years ago. We will look at how it works and how to get data into it.


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