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It’s the blog before Christmas…

It’s the blog before Christmas…

How are your Christmas preparations going? Have you posted all your cards, bought all your presents, drunk all the mulled wine and raided the mince pie supply yet? If you’re anything like us you’ll have answered two no’s and two yes’s to those questions but we’re not admitting which no’s and yes’s are ours. Let’s just say that mince pies and mulled wine are a dangerous combination that makes you forget to post your cards and buy your Christmas presents. Or so we’re told.

With Christmas in mind, we thought we’d end the year by doing a quick 2018 recap. Think of it like the speech the Queen does on Christmas Day, except a lot shorter and with less corgis. But, first of all, we just want to thank everyone who cyber-attended our Big Data webinar earlier this month. We hope you found it useful and that you enjoyed it as much as we and Canonical enjoyed bringing it to you.

So, what were the highlights of Spicule’s year? Well, combining forces with Canonical to develop and launch the ground-breaking ANSSR platform was definitely one of them. We designed ANSSR to make complex data-based solutions available to everybody, so that even organisations with very limited budgets could afford to scale and manage big data just as powerfully and effectively as their richer competitors. ANSSR’s only been in the world a handful of months but it’s already levelling the playing field for a lot of our clients. That’s something we’re very proud of.

Research Platforms Ltd. is an initiative we’re very proud of too. Research Platforms is a subsidiary of Spicule that Tom and I launched early in the summer, and we created it to address and solve the very unique data management obstacles faced by research and scientific facilities around the world. By providing bespoke technical expertise, analytics and architecture, Research Platforms ensures that scientists who work with large volumes of data can get the results they’re looking for more quickly and effectively than ever before. If you’d like to know more, an overview of how we do it is in our July 13 blog.

Getting back to the subject of partnerships, teaming up with MIGSOLV was another exciting development in Spicule’s year. If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs you’ll know how much we’ve championed private cloud during 2018. Now that we’ve combined with MIGSOLV we can offer our clients the best of all worlds - innovative private cloud/physical infrastructure solutions plus state-of-the-art IT protection and disaster recovery. It’s a powerful combination. We only feel sorry for the staff working on Christmas Eve at MIGSOLV’s Gatehouse data centre because that fortress is so impenetrable Santa Claus will never get in.

2018 also gave us a few welcome opportunities to attend industry events, demo our products, network with clients and colleagues, and generally spread the Spicule message. Although we don’t want to play favourites, Big Data LDN was easily the biggest occasion we exhibited at and more than lived up to its revolutionary promise. We shared a stand with our friends at Canonical and, over the course of two long but rewarding days, had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with a huge number of visitors. Our demonstrations of ANSSR and Apache open-source utilities proved popular, and it was great to see how keen delegates were to try out the platform and tools for themselves. We even managed to catch up with some of our industry peers and discuss the topic that had been on everyone’s mind the past few weeks, the merger between Cloudera and Hortonworks. In fact, Big Data LDN was a terrific event with only one downside - our junior developer Ryan still won’t stop complaining about how he could have won the Formula One contest on the Mercedes simulator if he’d only had time to go back and drive that second run…

Finally (because I promised I’d be shorter than the Queen’s speech) we can’t let 2018 pass without mentioning our friends at the Wherry School in Norwich. As part of the Enterprise Advisor Network – a national programme that inspires young people to develop their skills and prepare for employment – we’ve volunteered throughout the year to help guide students at the Wherry School on the path towards their future career. The Wherry School is especially close to our hearts because, as some readers may know, Tom has Asperger's Syndrome and the Wherry is a specialist school for children with Autism. Working with the Wherry’s staff and students has been one of 2018’s biggest pleasures and we wish everyone there a very Merry Christmas…

…and that goes for you too! Everyone at Spicule really appreciates your support over the last twelve months, and Tom and I look forward to catching up with you again in 2019. We’ve already got some interesting plans in the pipeline so we’ll have plenty of news to share. In the meantime, don’t forget that if you’ve ever got a data management problem which needs an innovative IT solution we’re always here to help, and if anyone ever asks you “Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?” the answer is, “Of course! Now who’s up for more mince pies and mulled wine?”

Have a fantastic Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. See you in January!

Steve & Tom


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