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Are you receiving maximum value from your big data?

Are you receiving maximum value from your big data?

If your answer to that question is ‘No’ or ‘You can’t be certain’, that isn’t a surprise. Although most businesses understand the power and competitive advantage they could gain from harnessing their big data more effectively and leveraging it more efficiently, it’s not an easy goal to achieve… unless you’ve got expert knowledge and support on your side.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Canonical to co-present a very special 60-minute webinar, ‘How to harness big data for maximum business value’. We’re holding it live online on December 11 @ 5pm and registration is free.

Why you should join us

Data is your most precious asset and if your business can automate and gather data more efficiently, you will gain invaluable insights into your organisation, your customers, and your competition. But, as modern technology has evolved and data streams have become more varied and complex, harnessing the big data you need to succeed has become more time consuming and expensive.

Until now.

With our flexible and simple-to-use data platforms developed by Juju experts and customised to meet your specific business needs, Spicule and Canonical have made gathering and utilising your big data easier and more cost-effective than ever. Our use of open-source technologies also means our platforms can be modelled and deployed on any cloud-based application.

During the webinar you’ll:

  • be introduced to the open-source software tools Apache Bigtop and Apache Druid
  • find out how Apache Druid can use real-time analytics and historical data to give you a more detailed business picture with faster response times
  • discover how the open-source Juju charms can make complex data processing platforms easier to set-up, as well as adding value to your data applications
  • see how to run analytics through the Apache Superset user interface, or by embedding Apache Superset into your own application
  • watch a live Apache Druid demonstration
  • learn how Spicule and Canonical can help you extract maximum value from your big data, and find out more about the world-class products, services and support they both provide. At the end of the webinar you’ll have a chance to ask questions.

The webinar will be co-presented by Tom Barber, Spicule’s founder and CEO, and Carmine Rimi, Canonical’s Product Manager.

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Optimising your big data more effectively is the key to your business’s growth and success. Over sixty minutes we’ll show you how to make that happen. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss.


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