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Don’t miss the Big Data LDN Revolution!

Don’t miss the Big Data LDN Revolution!

What are you doing in November? Because we’ve got big plans, and you’re invited.

Want to know more?

On November 13th-14th, we will be exhibiting alongside our partners Canonical at Big Data LDN, the UK’s largest data and analytics event. It’s going to be an exciting couple of days, with 130 expert speakers and 100 leading technology vendors (including ourselves) sharing their knowledge, showcasing their products, and arming businesses like yours with all the tools and strategies necessary to build a powerful and successful data-driven future.

If you handle big data and want to stay ahead of your competition, Big Data LDN is a conference and exhibition you won’t want to miss. It’s also free to register and attend. We’ll give you all the details at the end of this blog.

As far as we and Canonical are concerned, Big Data LDN is also a fantastic opportunity to meet with you and demonstrate how our ground-breaking ANSSR data platform could transform the way your business handles large amounts of data.

Before we developed ANSSR, configuring, scaling and installing complicated data-based solutions was a prohibitively expensive and time-consuming process. That’s why most companies didn’t even attempt to do it and, as a result, missed out on all the functionality, flexibility and business advantages their richer competitors could afford.

But not anymore. Now, ANSSR has levelled the playing field.

The ANSSR data platform is a complete collection of data-based solutions that allows companies to affordably scale and deploy complex big data applications. It provides users with all the software they need to manage big data, scale it up or down depending upon their requirements, eliminate wastage and take greater control of their budget.

And here’s the best part: ANSSR and its software are free to use. We sell support for the complexities surrounding configuring, upgrading and maintaining the platform but, apart from your hardware costs, those are the only charges involved.

ANSSR will revolutionise how smaller businesses work, and you don’t have to wait until Big Data LND to use it – just scan the code on the image below and you’ll be taken directly to the anssr.io website where you can try out ANSSR for yourself.

A7 flyer front

While you’re there, you can even get started on the Apache Software Foundation’s collection of open-source software tools that have been specifically designed to simplify and solve big data problems. We’ll be demoing Apache Hadoop, Apache Druid, Apache Superset and Apache Kafka at Big Data LDN.

Finally, if your company is looking for a private cloud to run your big data platform, you’ll want to know all about our new partnership with MIGSOLV. While Spicule’s private cloud solutions offer a more innovative, flexible and cost-effective way to manage your data, MIGSOLV’s world-class data centre provides cutting-edge hardware security and data protection. When you visit us at Big Data LDN we’ll be delighted to tell you more.

On that note, here are all the other important details…

What: Big Data LDN (https://bigdataldn.com/)

Where: Olympia, London

When: November 13th-14th.

You’ll find us and Canonical at STAND 272.

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about ANSSR, private cloud, or any of the other IT and data management services we provide to make your business-life easier and more effective, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01603 327762 or email info@spicule.co.uk.

See you at Big Data LDN! We’re looking forward to meeting you.


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