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Spicule + MIGSOLV: Prepare to go cloud-busting!

Spicule + MIGSOLV: Prepare to go cloud-busting!

There’s never been a better time to migrate from public to private cloud, especially now that we’ve combined forces with MIGSOLV – a state-of-the-art data centre that offers Spicule’s clients world-class IT protection and disaster recovery solutions. It’s a partnership that truly takes the services we provide to beyond-next-level and makes switching from the public cloud to a private physical infrastructure easier, safer, and more cost-effective than ever.

Don’t be limited by the public cloud

For the longest time, the public cloud has felt like the only game in town. The simplicity, security and ease of scalability the public cloud offers has made it an attractive choice for many smaller-to-medium size businesses, especially because it is perceived as being a relatively inexpensive option. But the reality is, the public cloud can become very pricey if usage isn’t monitored properly. And there are other drawbacks too…

The public cloud isn’t as flexible or secure as many users believe

When you work solely within the public cloud, you’re giving a third-party provider absolute control over the maintenance and security of your data – a little like handing a complete stranger the keys to the most vital part of your business. You’re trusting them to manage your data responsibly, update the software and hardware whenever it’s required, and not give anyone who shouldn’t be there unauthorised access. And, if anything goes wrong, you’re at the mercy of the third-party’s timescales and IT expertise.

Also, because you don’t get to choose the hardware and software the third-party provides, you may not be running your data in the most optimum environment possible. It goes without saying that this could severely limit the results you’ll achieve.

The benefits of private cloud

For businesses and organisations that require large amounts of processing power, a physical (private cloud) infrastructure can substantially reduce costs, boost productivity and eliminate wastage. It can also be far more flexible, especially when combined with other cloud options (i.e. public cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud.)

At Spicule, we will build you a physical infrastructure that’s bespoke-tailored to match your specific requirements and budget. You can select the perfect hardware and software to meet your business needs and, thanks to our use of Openstack platform, you’ll also retain all the functionality you’re already comfortable with from using the public cloud. In other words, how you use your cloud won’t change – it will just become much more powerful, flexible, efficient and secure. Equally as importantly, the initial setting-up cost is the biggest expense you’ll ever face. After that, you could run your server(s) 24/7 365 days a year and you’ll never be smacked by any nasty unexpected charges. Over the total life of a server, that translates to some considerable savings.

There’s something else it’s important to remember: with a physical infrastructure, you’re not relying on some anonymous third-party provider to manage your data and keep it secure. Your server(s) will be on site (and, literally, in sight!) either at your premises or, for maximum peace of mind, at the MIGSOLV data centre. You control exactly who has access to them and how they are being used.


MIGSOLV’s Gatehouse data centre is an impenetrable fortress for housing IT systems and data. Its multiple levels of high-security include a 24/7 365 manned security centre, proximity card access and iris recognition, CCTV throughout the entire complex and a 3m high perimeter fence with microwave intruder detection. Based in the low-risk city of Norwich, the Gatehouse is completely safeguarded against theft, terrorism, extreme weather and all other disruptions, and MIGSOLV’s guarantee of uninterrupted power and connectivity ensures your data will always be accessible no matter what unforeseen circumstances arise. That’s the kind of top-level reassurance the public cloud can never offer.

MIGSOLV also have a 24/7 service desk and ‘smart hands’ remote support from on-site staff for fault diagnosis, hardware replacement and upgrades, and approved customers will be granted immediate access if they ever need to personally attend the site. Couple that with Spicule’s own proactive maintenance (which often identifies and eliminates problems before the client even knows they’re there) and our ongoing 24/7 technical support, the equation is a simple one:

Spicule’s innovative data solutions + MIGSOLV’s industry-leading data protection services = an unbeatable combination.

If you’d like to know more about how our exciting new partnership could benefit your business and /or chat through all the advantages Spicule can offer when you migrate from public to private cloud, call us today on 01603 327762 or email info@spicule.co.uk. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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