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Get Your Head Out of the Cloud

Get Your Head Out of the Cloud

It’s time to take your head out from the cloud!

Over the past few years, cloud computing has become the new normal. Businesses across the world have been drawn in by its flexibility and perceived cheapness, by the promise that it can increase collaboration and improve control, by its level of security and the fact that in some cases you don’t even have to worry about installing your own software updates because the cloud will automatically do them for you. But despite what many people in the tech world might tell you, cloud computing isn’t the perfect solution for everything. That’s why more and more large businesses are switching away from the cloud and back to physical infrastructure, and why we’re working with the MIGSOLV data centre to provide an option that’s even better.

The advantages of a physical infrastructure vs. the cloud

The cloud is great for small-to-medium sized deployments and proof-of-concept projects because businesses only pay for the resources they consume. But, for anything on a larger scale, it can be expensive… really expensive.

Yes, the cloud is secure… but not as secure as housing your own data on your own infrastructure (providing that your infrastructure has the proper security.) Our partners at MIGSOLV have state-of-the-art security that is literally prepared for anything. Whatever happens, you’ll never lose online connectivity to your data and systems. That’s something the cloud can’t guarantee.

The cloud is undoubtedly flexible but you can achieve even greater flexibility by having your own physical infrastructure and then coupling it with a hybrid or private cloud deployment. That means you can still enjoy the benefits of the cloud but your data will remain on your premises or in a data centre of your choosing, which gives you many more options if anything goes wrong. After all, one of the biggest concerns about the cloud has always been that you’re abrogating responsibility of your valuable data to a third-party provider and trusting they’re managing it properly and keeping it safe. Using your own physical infrastructure in conjunction with the cloud will reduce many of those concerns.

The cloud will always be a risk. As technology evolves, so do the hackers. As insider threats evolve, so does the potential that anyone from a disgruntled employee to an opportunistic competitor might gain access to your cloud and its data. As security legislation evolves, so does the possibility of government intrusion. When your business is relying solely upon the cloud, it will always be vulnerable to possible attack or investigation. But a physical infrastructure – a properly secure private infrastructure that you control – makes all this far less likely to happen.

And one final point: with a private infrastructure you’re able to select your hardware and choose the platform your software runs on. With cloud, you’re leaving many of those critical decisions in the hands of a (very remote) supplier.

What Spicule can do for you

Hopefully you’re beginning to see the considerable advantages of a physical infrastructure over the disadvantages and risks of solely relying upon the cloud, so now let’s look at what Spicule can offer:

  • Bespoke server design and integration – ensuring that your physical infrastructure completely meets your individual business needs and seamlessly communicates with your existing systems
  • Assistance with data migration and organisation – transforming your data and then securely transferring it into your new infrastructure
  • Openstack and Canonical MAAS deployments for your data science projects
  • Lower costs as your deployment scales

And (because we’re not expecting everyone to throw the baby out with the bath water) …

  • Private and hybrid cloud deployments – uniting your physical infrastructure with the cloud to make access to your data safer and more flexible than it has ever been

Some of the advantages our partnership with MIGSOLV provides

World-class data protection via their ultra-secure Gatehouse data centre

Guaranteed business continuity: whatever happens, your data will always be online

Painless data recovery: if a crisis strikes, your data will always remain secure and accessible

Spicule + MIGSOLV = the ultimate physical infrastructure solution

We’re extremely excited about the possibilities of our new partnership with MIGSOLV because, for our customers, it makes switching to a physical infrastructure an easier, safer, and more cost-effective choice than ever. With Spicule’s data solutions expertise combined with MIGSOLV’s cutting-edge data protection services, you’re guaranteed a private infrastructure that is far more flexible, secure, and suitable for your individual needs than the cloud. If you’d like to know more about how a physical infrastructure could benefit your business or find out about any of the other data management solutions we provide, give us a call on 01603 327762 or email info@spicule.co.uk. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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