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Are you ready to begin the Research Platforms journey?

Are you ready to begin the Research Platforms journey?

Researchers, data scientists and research and scientific facilities across the globe all experience one major problem on a seemingly never-ending basis – how to securely store and manage the huge amounts of data they’ve collected, how to quickly locate what they need among the terabytes and petabytes of invaluable information they’ve got access to and – once they’ve found what they’re looking for - how to interrogate the data effectively and use it to their best advantage. It’s a problem that can be so overwhelming they often don’t know where to begin, and if you don’t know where to begin it’s usually impossible to find a solution.

That’s why we’ve just launched Research Platforms Ltd - to give researchers and scientists a clear route through the data management maze and place all the tools and solutions they need directly at their fingertips.

Introducing Research Platforms Ltd

Research Platforms Ltd is a subsidiary of the data processing consultancy Spicule and has been founded by Spicule’s Tom Barber (CEO) and Stephen Downie (Managing Director). We are specialists in designing, building, operating and maintaining public, private and hybrid-cloud architectures and we created Research Platforms Ltd to address the unique data management obstacles the research and scientific sectors face, using our expertise to solve complex challenges in data analytics, dev-ops, machine learning, machine intelligence and data science. But that’s not all…

Offering bespoke solutions

As long-standing advocates of open source software, we have the experience and ability to always select the right tools for the project and, where necessary, manipulate them at source-code level so they’ll perfectly accomplish whatever the client requires. We know there’s never a ‘one size fits all’ answer to any data management challenge so we’ll never grab the nearest piece of software, shoehorn it in and hope it works. Our aim is to ensure that the tools and resolutions we provide will always be as unique and individual as the challenge we’re presented with.

Staying flexible

Of course, it’s not just challenges that are individual – clients are too – so we’ll make sure that our clients have all the flexibility and autonomy they need to use the tools we give them to their optimum advantage. Let’s take server deployments (either virtual or physical) as an example. Depending upon what the client wants we can either build the framework and maintain it on their behalf or we can build it, deploy it and then hand it over to the client so they can manage it for themselves. Flexibility is key, and we’re happy to be as hands-on or hands-off as our client requires. Of course, even if you want us to be completely hands-off we’ll always be here whenever you need us because, at the end of the day…

It’s all about results

…and that’s what Research Platforms Ltd is focused on – providing the technical expertise, the analytics and the architecture so that researchers and scientists who work with large volumes of data can store it, manipulate it and get the results they’re looking for more quickly, securely and effectively than ever before.

The Research Platforms website (www.research-platforms.com) will be launched very soon but you can follow us right now on Twitter @researchpforms. In the meantime, if you want to find out more about Research Platforms Ltd or any of Spicule’s other data management initiatives, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01603 327762 or email info@spicule.co.uk

It’s going to be an exciting journey. We hope you’ll join us.


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