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Enterprise Advisor Network and Spicule

Enterprise Advisor Network and Spicule

At Spicule we believe in driving innovation in the data sector and to do so we have to ensure the young people working their way into employment know what opportunities there are out there for them. This is why we have signed up to the Enterprise Advisor Network to help the Wherry School in Norwich. The Wherry School is close to our heart as it is a specialist school for children with Autism. Tom Barber, director of Spicule has Aspergers Syndrome and so enjoys helping advocate and empower Autistic people around the world, having discussed his condition at a number of global technology conferences.

For those of you who don't know the Wherry School, it is a great new facility that opened recently in Norwich that is dedicated to Autistic students from Primary all the way through to Six Form who are capable of studying the National Curriculum but have a range of other issues that might cause them problems in mainstream schools. The building has been built from the ground up and Tom was given a great tour by Deputy Head Robert Speck where he was introduced to some of the fantastic staff, pupils and parents.

Being part of the Enterprise Advisor network means we work closely with the school to help bring businesses in to help the students learn what choices they have and help guide them on what path they may want to take as a future career. We are very excited about the prospect and can't wait to get started! The Enterprise Advisor programme is a national programme that is being delivered at a local level in Norfolk and Suffolk and already has a number of high profile businesses supporting it. The aim of the programme is to improve he quality and consistency of careers, work related & enterprise education delivered to students and to broker activities with businesses and enterprise providers.

We fully believe we can provide an excellent service to pupils looking for help and guidance in their pursuit of a career and can't wait to help forge young minds, focus them on what makes them tick and what they can do with those skill sets.

If you're a business owner or manager in the Norfolk area and are interested in volunteering a few hours a month, we fully recommend it.