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Day 2 recap of the Ubuntu Enterprise Summit

Day 2 recap of the Ubuntu Enterprise Summit

So day one of the Ubuntu Enterprise Summit appeared to be a huge success and seriously whetted my appetite for day two. The sessions that were scheduled that appealed to me were - Ubuntu: What’s the Security Story and Introduction to MAAS: Building The Agile Data center.

Security in Ubuntu

Firstly we had Ubuntu: The Security Story with Dustin Kirkland, Vice President of Product Development at Canonical. Dustin never fails to inspire me. His background in security from his days at IBM on the security team shows he is definitely a guy to listen to when talking about security. The work he did in those days lead to Linux becoming a viable product in within enterprise. His passion for security is clear throughout this session and Linux has certainly raised the bar with security. Ubuntu is now thought of as being one of the most secure operating systems available and compares very favourably to competitors such as Windows, MacOS and Android.

There are a whole host of the features that allow Ubuntu to have claimed this mantle. One of the most important is that they have no open ports by default. This means that Ubuntu default installations of Ubuntu have no listening network services after the initial install, the only exception to this of course is with an instance that is installed in the public cloud where there needs to be an SSH port open to allow it to be accessible. The Canonical Livepatch Service, which works out at a few cents a day (a bargain for peace of mind if you ask me) is another security measure that sets them above the competition. This provides security fixes to the kernel security issues without the need for a reboot. The list of features is certainly not just those two but I will let you have a listen to Dustin’s talk to get a proper understanding of them.

The Future Is MAAS

Next up was Introduction to MAAS: Building The Agile Data Centre. At Spicule we have played around with MAAS (Metal-As-A-Service) a little to help us build an automated platform to help manage a number of bare metal servers to act like a cloud hardware provisioning environment. This allows us to test bits of code and workloads as well as spinning up things like small Hadoop clusters etc. Anyway, back to the summit. Andres Rodriguez, MAAS engineering manager takes a look at the way that MAAS is helping devops and infrastructure managers can build an agile data centre with a developer agility at a cost that competes with public clouds.

MAAS helps organisations automate, optimize and lower costs of operations. From being able to manage your entire environment for your whole data centre or infrastructure setup. Full hardware and resource management which gives the ability to its users to use the entire environment as if it was the cloud.

MAAS easily allows to integrate continuous integration/continuous deployment pipeline to deploy services in an automated fashion, rapidly and efficiently. High performance, big data and hybrid environments are also managed very similarly to how you would in the cloud, giving you the freedom to scale up and down to deal with the required demands. If you haven’t already had a play around with MAAS I would highly recommend it. It has changed a lot of what we do with our clients and how a lot of our processes work.

In the recaps I have written over the last couple of days I have only brushed the surface of what the summit has actually delivered. From the standpoint of our company, the whole structure of the summits has been truly innovative and something that we feel could be a way of communicate some of the exciting things we have planned for 2018. For now, click on the links below to catch up on the videos from yesterday.

Once again, a massive thanks to everyone at Canonical for making this great event possible and I really hope there will be more of them in the future.

The Videos

Day #1

Live Keynote: Building 21st Century Infrastructure

Special Kubernetes Announcement From KubeCon

Get Ready For Multi-Cloud

Hybrid cloud & financial services- how to compete with cloud native new entrants

Day #2

Ubuntu: What’s The Story

How City Network Solves The Challenges For The Modern Financial Company

Appstores: The Path To IoT Revenue Post-sale

Cloud to Edge: Building The Software Defined Telco Infrastucture

Introduction To MAAS: Building The Agile Data Centre


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