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Day 1 recap of the Ubuntu Enterprise Summit

Day 1 recap of the Ubuntu Enterprise Summit

Ubuntu is everywhere!

So yesterday saw the start of the Ubuntu Enterprise Summit in a format that certainly felt like new and innovative. Mark Shuttleworth, CEO and founder of Canonical, opened up proceedings with a really slick, informative and well presented Keynote - Building 21st Century Infrastructure which certainly left me feeling like there is an exciting year ahead for Canonical and Ubuntu. The focus of the opening presentation was multi cloud, IOT and edge computing. He spoke about how current trends are helping to mould IT infrastructures are being built and maintained. The insight into how enterprises are exploring new ways to help cut costs and deliver greater freedom to their developers was a real focal point of the talk.

Stats like 70% of all AWS images and 80% of Azure images are Ubuntu based certainly caught our attention. With such a high adoption of Ubuntu amongst virtual machines in the cloud really shows that there is certainly no resting on their laurels and the belief and confidence of what Ubuntu has to offer is showing no signs of waning.

MAAS gaining Data Center traction

I got the feeling that MAAS is an area that will be really driven into 2018. There is so much focus on the public cloud in organisations but you also need a plan to get off the cloud or a way to deploy your private cloud and bare metal automation is key to this automation The fact that Juju was not mentioned was quite relevant in my opinion, but with Juju driving Conjure Up and CDK, it’s certainly not going away. What is clear, is the fact it drives so much of the automation means it doesn’t need putting front and center, it does what it’s designed to do, and does it well. MAAS 2.3 offers hardware tests out of the box which is making onboarding so much easier. I’m expecting there to be some really exciting news around MAAS in 2018. Data center automation aims to take people out of the process to eliminate manual operations and allow people to focus more on productive work.

Multi Cloud and Cloud diversity

In another really interesting session, Mark Baker, Field Product Manager for Canonical, took the limelight and took a look at what’s needed to get ready for Multi Cloud. He gave some great insight and advice into best Multi-cloud practices and how to deal with the demand and increases of scale in 2018. From helping with architecting to deploying and managing application portability between substrates Free software is suddenly very expensive, software costs are clearly minimal but its the operational costs the can rack up. Containers play a big part to achieving a decrease of operational costs while causing an increase of business cost. Newer technology such as machine learning is becoming much more common with software such as Tensorflow, allowing companies to automate processes and therefore cut operational cost substantially is important in a highly flexible and scalable environment.

In 2010 AWS was the defacto cloud provider, in 2017 things have become a lot more complex. There is a whole host of providers from Google to Microsoft and Rackspace. Private clouds such as VMware, Openstack and IBM cloud have become much more popular. A new player in the cloud field is Edge cloud such as KVM and MAAS. For those of you who don’t know multi cloud is a combination of all both private, public and edge cloud with at least two options available for each category. This really delivers agility, flexibility, cost reduction and importantly, choice.

It was good to see another step forward for the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes, already underpinning a number of PAAS offerings, now the tie in with Rancher will allow for greater distribution and bigger exposure in a busy marketplace.

Day one of the Ubuntu Enterprise Summit has certainly set the standards high but it was really great to set to hear from some of the experts in their fields. If you haven’t done already I would strongly recommend signing up and having a watch if anything I’ve talked about is of any interest to you. Thanks to Mark and everyone involved at Canonical for making this such a great event and I look forward to catching up with today's webinars later.

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