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Cfg Mgmt Camp Gent - Roundup

So I’m back from CfgMgmtCamp Gent 2017 and I figured it was worth rounding up what I learn’t and what we got up to in Gent this year with the Juju developers and mentors.

Before we begin, I have to admit I wasn’t paying much attention to the other platforms, currently the majority of my automation work is based in and around Juju and I wanted to get on and make sure I’m keeping up to date and in touch with whats going on in Juju land.

Sunday involved sampling quite a lot of Gent beer and Cuban Rum.. but it was good to catch up with the guys. I can’t believe it’s only been 12 months since I started this Juju adventure, I’ve met so many of them a number of times now and it really feels like a great collection of people happy to share and help in the quest to help drive Juju success around the globe.

The next day was a bit of a wipe out due to the evening before, but it was good to sit down with Rick and the UI guys in the evening and chew the fat over what we’d like to see coming down the line in Juju 2.x and GUI features.

The evening was pretty sedate considering the night before, but still we had a good chat and then talked with Chuck and Matt about containers… and untappd.

Tuesday I got myself down to the conference, which was probably wise, seeing how I was presenting. There was an interesting talk on the new Mgmt framework and how that is designed to run the next generation of ops platforms, then I was up explaining about what we do at NASA to deploy software in a range of different places.

I’m sure the video will appear at some point but in the mean time you can find the slides here

After my talk and some lunch, I headed upstairs to the Juju floor, where Pete gave a great talk about Matrix and how it will help you test charms, which I’ll be honest, I suck at. Next up Konstantinos gave a talk about Big Data and how to deploy it on your systems, certainly aimed at the newer people to Juju but its always great to see how easy it is to scale Juju deployments.

Then the last couple of hours were taken up with a workshop and training session for people who wanted it. Sadly only a couple of non Canonical or existing community members showed up, which meant it was pretty quiet. We did get on with some interesting stuff, like setting up test beds for LXD support in Mesos which would be amazing and great for Juju deployments. So hopefully we can continue that work now we’re home.

All in all CfgMgmtCamp is pretty fun, but I have to be honest and whilst I think its good to have Juju represented there, do I think its the right audience? Probably not. Which sounds stupid because it does configuration management, but developers are a fickle bunch and they are set in their ways. Personally I think its better to put Juju in front of application designers and developers and explain to them why they should charm their software, that way it becomes a deployment option and users can get used to deploying software with Juju. Another problem with the event is that often in conferences the rooms are all located near one another which makes it far easier to get drive by attendees, but in Gent all the rooms are on different floors so you don’t get the same attendance you might do elsewhere.

That being said, meeting up with the Canonical folks and community is always fun, it’s a great thing to be involved in and I personally find it very useful to sit down and chew the fat, or pick the brains of someone from the Canonical team over certain features and requirements, it makes my development life so much easier.

Finally, thanks to Canonical as ever for sponsoring my travel again and buying me dinner, and thanks to the folks at CfgMgmtCamp for putting on the event.


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