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  • Spicule + MIGSOLV: Prepare to go cloud-busting!

    ​There’s never been a better time to migrate from public to private cloud, especially now that we’ve combined forces with MIGSOLV – a state-of-the-art data centre that offers Spicule’s clients world-class IT protection and disaster recovery solutions.

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  • Get Your Head Out of the Cloud

    Businesses across the world have been drawn in by its flexibility and perceived cheapness, by the promise that it can increase collaboration and improve control, by its level of security and the fact that in some cases you don’t even have to worry about installing your own software updates… But… cloud computing isn’t the perfect solution for everything.

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  • Fighting Crime in Cyberspace

    Picture a group of vicious criminals finally being apprehended and brought to justice. You are probably visualising an FBI SWOT team, flashing lights and a dramatic stand-off.

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  • Spicule Live #1!

    Welcome to our weekly-ish round up of stuff we’ve been working on at Spicule. This week we take a look at our Udoo X86 servers along with a sweet Arduino hack for Canonical’s MAAS and Juju. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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  • Juju Can Improve Your Systems Automation

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