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Explore Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Options

Druid requires infrastructure, whether it’s in the cloud via a public or private cloud provider, or via OpenStack. But not all clouds are created equal.

Even though the public cloud is still the most familiar cloud computing model, it may not be the best choice for your specific needs. Private cloud – or a combination of clouds – could be a far more secure, flexible and budget-conscious data storage solution. But before you make your decision, let’s look at the difference between public, private and hybrid clouds.

Different Types of Cloud Deployment

  • Public Cloud

    AWS, Google Cloud, Azure.

  • Private Cloud

    OpenStack - located on premises or at a managed data centre.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Best of both worlds…

Public Cloud

Is always operated by a third-party provider who owns and manages the hardware and software you’re using. Not only are you restricted by the tech they’ve provided, you’re trusting the provider to maintain the cloud – and the data you store in it – responsibly. The public cloud can also become very expensive if you don’t monitor your usage carefully.

Private Cloud

A private cloud is located on your premises or at a managed data centre and only accessible to your organisation. You can select the hardware and software your organisation really needs and, after the initial ‘set-up’ costs, it can be substantially less expensive than public cloud. You can also tailor your requirements much better than in the public cloud, boosting your productivity and eliminating wastage.

Hybrid Cloud

Integrates the private and public clouds to give you ultimate ‘best of both worlds’ flexibility. For example, you could maintain the private cloud for day-today use and to manage and control sensitive data and only pay for additional public cloud capacity when it’s absolutely necessary.

“We have been a partner with Canonical for a number of years and their help in stewarding Openstack has been of huge benefit to us when dealing with private cloud deployments and custom data platforms.” Tom Barber

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What About Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is currently the go-to Docker orchestration tool. And as containers get more and more popular so does the demands on the Kubernetes cluster. We have experience with a range of cloud based and on-premise Kubernetes solutions.

When deploying on-premise our Kubernetes platform of choice is the Canonical distribution of Kubernetes. It is a commerically supported Kubernetes distribution built directly from the upstream source code, exactly as the developers intended. We then have the knowledge and experience to leverage this platform and build world class data processing pipelines, employing a number of different techniques, frameworks and tools to build what our customers require, not what we tell them they need.

On premise or in the public cloud, we have the knowledge to build and maintain world class Kubernetes clusters.

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