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Want to unlock the power of Druid for yourself, and find out why Netflix, Airbnb and PayPal (among many others) have found its cutting-edge real-time analytics so invaluable? No problem! Simply click on the link and you can begin using Spicule’s Anssr Analytyics platform completely free of charge.

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And if you’re wondering where the catch is… there isn’t one.

As an open source product, Druid is available to everybody. It’s only if you’d like us to set it up for you, import your data or maintain your system going forward that you’ll have to pay a support charge. However, we offer several different levels of support depending upon your requirements and how many services you deploy. All our support is competitively priced on a monthly rolling agreement so you’ll only pay for what you need - unlike most other providers, we’ll never chain you to an expensive 12-month contract or charge you for services you won’t be using.

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