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Tom Barber, data science specialist and software developer, founded Spicule in 2015. After working for more than a decade in the IT industry – specifically the data processing sector – Tom knew there was a better way to build data platforms and help clients get the most out of their data.

Since then, Tom, Stephen, and the rest of the Spicule team have made data storage and analysis faster, easier and more economical for a wide range of national and international clients including NASA, Amazon, Netflix, the UN and the UK government.

As specialists in developing highly scalable application platforms using open source code to maximise efficiency and minimise turnaround time, supporting open source software and ensuring our technology is freely available to everyone who needs it is at the heart of Spicule’s philosophy. Tom is a longstanding member of the non-profit Apache Software Foundation and every fix, patch and adaptation we make is always pushed back up the line to benefit other users.

Our partnerships with Canonical and MIGSOLV have also proved highly successful, giving our customers more choice and ensuring we build in as much value-add to our services as possible.

At Spicule, we believe in innovation, flexibility and delivering practical solutions that meet and exceed our clients needs. So, if you’d like to know more about our work and how the combined power of Druid and Spicule could transform the way you stream and analyse your data, get in touch. We’d love to talk with you.

The Team

    Tom Barber



    Tom has spent his entire career in the data sector and his wealth of experience and knowledge, which includes expertise in systems design and operations as well as Devops and deployments, has made him proficient at keeping up with all the current trends and tools.

    Tom began his career developing large scale business intelligence systems. Other notable projects he worked on include Devops design and implementation for a large-scale Genomics research project, Machine Learning support on a Dark Web crawler for the US Government and high volume transactional processing and multi-site deployment of ETL tooling for a multinational marketing agency. It’s those kinds of experiences which convinced Tom there had to be a better way of finetuning data analysis, making cutting edge data systems available to businesses everywhere. That was the primary reason he founded Spicule in 2015. Since then, Tom’s wide breadth of IT skills coupled with his versatility in business has helped make Spicule the UK’s leading data solutions provider with clients in the UK, USA and many other parts of the world.

    Stephen Downie

    Technical Project Manager


    Before joining Spicule, Stephen spent 15 years as a team manager in the retail and customer service sectors. His passion for delivering consummate customer service coupled with his keen attention to detail and commitment to going above-and-beyond to ensure that his customers’ targets are always met are only a few of the reasons Stephen and Spicule make a perfect fit. At Spicule, we believe in open and honest communication and our clients’ satisfaction is our absolute priority. With his expertise, diligence, first-class organisational skills and tireless ‘can do’ attitude, Stephen makes sure we deliver on that promise through every stage of our customer’s journey.

    As Technical Project Manager, Stephen has three main areas of responsibility: 1) driving the Spicule customer team, 2) working with existing and potential customers to answer enquiries, agree the best solutions and ensure those solutions are delivered on-time and on-budget, and 3) acting as ‘brand ambassador’ for our products and services. Thanks to his retail background Stephen is proficient at cutting through the IT jargon to explain our products and solutions in ways that even our most untechy clients can understand and feel comfortable with. In his downtime, Stephen’s also been busy developing his technical skills so he can add even more value to our customer’s experience.

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