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Your data is invaluable. It can solve problems, provide insights, promote growth and innovation…but only if it’s analysed effectively.

Anssr Analytics is a high-performance data store that lets you stream, explore and analyse all your big data in one place and in real time, powered by Apache Druid. This means you can spot anomalies and respond to changes as soon as they occur. It can be scaled up or down depending upon demand – keeping you in complete control of your budget - and deployed on the public cloud, private cloud or your own physical infrastructure.

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Spicule's data processing platforms are the perfect data analytics solution for a vast range of different industries. In fact, many of the world’s most successful organisations are already using Apache Druid analytics to give them a competitive advantage.

As the UK’s leading data solutions provider, we want you to have that advantage too... more powerfully than ever before.

Historically, analysing large volumes of data effectively has been a complex, time-consuming and often prohibitively expensive process. Not any more.

Because Apache Druid is open source and freely available to everybody, you can start using Spicule’s analytics solutions right here, right now with absolutely no strings attached. Just download it, run it, and immediately begin streaming, managing and analysing your data more intensively and successfully than ever before.

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“We know Spicule did all the heavy lifting on this project, and that the platform wouldn't have made it this far without them. Spicule are a talented group of developers and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.” David Ballard

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